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press play

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I started listening/watching a YouTube channel called GemsOnVHS because time and time again I'd see them in my suggested list. I've been hooked ever since the day I took a chance on a video called "Chris Acker & The Growing Boys, "Big Idea" // GemsOnVHS™." I didn't draw Chris, even though I do like his music a lot! Sorry Chris! 

 The zine is one part playlist and one part portrait series. With each musician, I've included the name of my favourite song by them that was filmed by the YouTube channel. 

 Press Play is a hand drawn zine created on a single piece of paper and folded into a little booklet consisting of 8 pages. If you unravel it, there is a pattern on the underside. All of the art was drawn by yours truly using markers and ink. 

 Quarantine life has me spending a lot of time listening to music and doodling. This zine is naturally the outcome of the two. 

 This is also my first fan zine ever. 

Zine specs/Ordering: 

-Double sided colour print—one side is the portraits, the other is just a pattern. 

-5.7cm wide by 7.5cm high // 2.24" by 2.95" 

-Shipped out in a envelope with some recycled cardstock to help prevent damage 

-Chances are I'll add another little fun thing to your envelope

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